Beginner Boot Camp

Hawaiis-smallest-winner  Beginner Weight Loss Boot Camp

A boot camp specifically for those who are at a beginner level of weight loss. This boot camp mixed in with our regular boot camp classes includes two or three sessions a week for six or twelve weeks, and a nutritional eating plan with continual guidance.
We have helped people lose up to 30 lbs in 12 weeks and over 70 pounds overall in our beginner boot camps.Hawaii residents contact me for details and to try out a FREE class.

Class Times and Locations:
Weight Loss
Improved cardiovascular functioning
Increased muscular strength
Improved sense of self and self-mastery
Increased endurance & flexibility
Improved overall well-being
Increased energy
Class training includes:
TRX Suspension Trainer
Sports Drills in the sand and on the hills
Various types of strength training utilizing body weight
Abdominal & core strengthening & stretching

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