Personal Training


These sessions will help you to achieve your fitness goals in a one-on-one setting in a location of your choice. You will have a personal motivator to keep you challenged during your session. I will guide you to have perfect form in your strength and cardio exercises, educate you on self awareness as you workout, and help you as an individual make your weakness become your strength. I am not a traditional trainer as your workouts will combine cardiovascular and strengthening together to form unique workouts. I will have you burning maximum calories during your entire session with me. I utilize TRX Suspension Trainer, Rip Trainer, kettle bells, battlling ropes, dumbbells, weighted balls, sandbags and agility ladders to give you unique workouts geared to have you gain strength and lean out. Have your kids? Bring them.

Personal Training in your home, office, park, or location of your choice.

All personal training sessions include:
1 on 1 personalized instruction
Nutritional guidance
Progressively updated workouts as you advance
Sample Diet
Cardio and weight training
Supplemental Guidance
TRX Suspension Training
Body measurements before and after each 4 weeks sessions
Core Training
Weight loss
Sessions conducted at location of your choice
Decreased body fat
Learn how to eat properly for life
Increased muscular strength
Learn how to shop for healthy foods
Increased muscle mass for individuals seeking muscle gain
Phone and email support
Full body toning
I will act as your personal coach and motivator
Increased flexibility
Pricing & Packages :
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